I document my ritualized meditative experience of myself in my studio, my actions and my present and re-called thoughts. My work involves a repetitious development of image and form over a lengthy period. The development of this image is akin to concrescence, the idea of separate parts coalescing into a unified whole and mimesis, which is the representation or imitation of the real world and is usually found in Renaissance and Baroque period painting and is utilized in a fantastical nature in my own work.  My practice is rooted in my interest of the natural sciences and the history of mysticism through various cultures, ranging from native and ancient to psychedelic and sci-fi. These interests influence my work through the use of naturally derived materials and my organic process. Over time, the spontaneous initialization of quick fluid marks and placements develop into a constructed surface with an evenly dispersed economy of line and form.


Randolph Beers is a non-objective visionary artist working in multiple 2D media, 3D forms and experimental video. He is from the city of New York and has grown up in several parts of the city, including living in Brooklyn and Queens. Randolph has been a Studio Assistant to several Internationally and Nationally known artists based out of New York. Additionally, Randolph is also in the introductory phase of his independent curatorial endeavor Mixed Breed Projects.

Randolph completed his B.F.A. education at Savannah College of Art and Design in August of 2010. He is currently creating works in multiple bodies of 2D media, as well as exploring new bodies with varying one-offs.

As a supplement for completing high school, Randolph interned at the National Arts Club in New York, NY. Randolph has also worked with the Guggenheim’s Education Department and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Randolph has also shown his works at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Studio 889, in addition to other venues, such as the Red Kite Studio